Rice Cooker vs Pressure Cooker

The debate has gone on for quite a sometime and is still going on. To choose one from the rice cooker or pressure cooker has been a source of confusion to all the consumers. As per my kitchen, I have both of them. But then, I love cooking and don’t have the much stringent budget. So, affording both the appliances and using them as per my wish is not much of a question for me. But, for all the other people out there who are confused about their choice, the following post will be quite beneficial.

Before we run into a comparison in between both the appliances let us focus on some of the introductory and advantageous points of both.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure CookerWith all due respects to this traditional kitchen appliance, let us begin the introduction. The pressure cooker became a major life saver and time saver of all the women and men (cooks) across the world when they were introduced at many affordable prices. The era saw the revolution in cooking when the rice got cooked in less than an hour, you were able to steam your veggies and boil potatoes and do some other boiling in the cooker.

The major functionality was the boiling of water under the high pressure generated while cooking in the pressure cooker. Hence, the device earned its name.

Now, the list of some advantages the device has to offer:

The pressure cooker is more energy efficient, cooks faster, kills any bacteria owing to heating, can be used for sterilizing baby bottles and cans, produces more flavourful food and finally, the food will require less seasoning.

But coming to the disadvantages are also there:

The pressure cooker is more expensive than the stove top cookers, requires more effort while cleaning and is heavy. There have been incidents of burning by the steam while using the cooker at wrong angles. The pressure cooker has also sometimes “burst” and caused a lot of damages if used without care and proper caution. The last, but surely not the least, the pressure cooker doesn’t come with all the settings required for the cooking of all kinds of rice.

Rice Cooker

rice cookerThough the name may sound misleading, the rice cookers can be used for a whole lot of other things too. They were introduced to cook the rice ONLY at first. But with the modernization of the kitchen and the appliances, the rice cookers got modern too. Nowadays, they come armed with state of the art technology and functions.

Advantages of the Rice Cookers:

They can be used to make different kinds of rice, you can steam vegetables while cooking the rice, make rice porridge in it, stew your veggies and chicken and make cakes too. They bring out the best out of your rice grains for you and deliver the perfectly cooked rice in terms of aroma, taste, digestive property and textures. You can just put your rice and water and forget about anything. The cooker will switch off automatically, once the rice is done or it will stay on KEEP WARM temperature and deliver you warm tasty rice all day long and finally, it will beep to make you remember the things and deliver the un-burnt rice. If you are in the market for a rice cooker, do not forget to read reviews. Rice cooker reviews at Chef Brazil can aid you in choosing the best option for you. Chef Brazil is the most respected rice cooker review website in United States. Editors at Chef Brazil actually purchase every rice cooker they review off the shelf.


Though the list of disadvantages of cooking with the rice cookers is really NOT any flaws or something, but I am here to provide you the best comparison in between rice and pressure cooker, so, here they are. The cooking time in a rice cooker is more than the pressure cooker. You may not be able to make some foods such as beef stew and pot roast in your rice cooker.


So, you can see for yourself, that there is NOT much left for the comparison between the two devices. Both work differently and have different plus points. If you are on your heels all day long and don’t have much time to devote to the kitchen, you can use the pressure cooker; else the rice cooker is a good option for you.

Choose wisely, not as per the opinion and budgets of your neighbors’ but what you feel is good for you.

Happy cooking!

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